Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fancy a food orgasm?

For some reason today I began to wonder about Aphrodisiacs, obviously with Valentines around the corner, couples will no doubt be looking up the best foods to entice, seduce and drizzle on their partner. However, said with a sigh and look of confusion, where is the proof that Aphrodisiacs actually work.

There is a part of your brain that is stimulated by good feelings with food, sex, being with family and friends, and comedy being the biggest of the stimulator's. So are we simply confusing delicious food with being turned on?

The reason I question this is because the other day (I hope my mum isn't reading this) I went to a rather lovely Italian restaurant with the bf, and I ordered Spaghetti Pasta with White Truffle for my starter and, on the first mouthful, I felt tingly and turned on. It was embarrassing really, I mean I had to contain the dramatic gasps and eye rolling with every mouthful.

Now, neither truffles nor spaghetti are said to be an aphrodisiac so why this orgasmic reaction?
Maybe it was because I was in a relaxed, happy mood, maybe it was the wine, who knows, but what I do know is that if you want to have a really good Valentines, head down to your local Italian and order the Spaghetti and White Truffles and let the good times roll!!!

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