Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pop Pop Popcorn Party.

About three months ago I bought some microwave popcorn, only to get home and discover that i didn't actually have a microwave. However this was clearly a blessing in disguise as a few months later I realised that I could just pop it, excuse the pun, in a pan and let the corn do its magic. So there I was in the kitchen, clear lid on pan, corn at the ready. Slowly the fizzing sound began and then the pop, pop, popping - well, i felt like I was five years old again and doing some kind of scientific experiment which at the end of it i got to eat a whole bowl of popcorn to my podgy little self.

There is a huge craze for what they are calling 'gourmet' popcorn at the moment, theres the skinny popcorn in Pret, where flavours range from cheese and onion to chocolate. Then theres the really posh stuff they sell at Harvey Nichols and Harrods, which I've not had the privilege to taste yet! Everyone is popping on the bandwagon!

So, after establishing my new found love for popcorn, I decided to experiment further. This has led me to find three of the best ways to eat pop corn: (just buy a bag of corn from the supermarket, its super cheap!)

1. Keep it simple. Pop the corn and add rock salt and a knob of good English Butter. HEAVEN!
2. On top of Chili Con carne -  I know this may sound bizarre but it is amazing.
3. With Chocolate Sauce. Melt half milk and half dark chocolate and then drizzle it over the warm popcorn.


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