Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Theres always time for lentils!

After a very frantic month of leaving the comfort of a job, setting up a new company and finding time for friends and family, oh and taking up Bikram Yoga (images of a sweaty troll like creature resides in my mind!), I have realised that there is one thing that is always constant and always makes me smile and that, of course, is good food. I always seem to manage to squeeze in cooking every night and without that I think I would go insane.

One of my favorite dishes at the moment is green lentils served with whatever I feel like at the time and the reason I love them is because they have a perfect cooking time, basically, I get back in from work, pop the lentils in some cold water and bring to the boil whilst getting changed and ready for the shower. When the water is boiling I turn it down to simmer and then get in the shower. 15 minutes later and cleaner, in my dressing gown, I chop up two red peppers, a leek, a few deseeded chillies, some thyme, tomato puree and a chicken stock cube and chuck it all in with the lentils. Cover and leave whilst drying hair and getting dressed. 20 minutes later the lentils are ready and they will be happy just sitting there for an hour or three, until your ready to eat them.

Eat them with Sausages, Lamb Cutlets, Pork Chops, Chicken Breasts, Cod fillets, Seabass, you name it, i guarantee anything will taste good with these lentils!!

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