Monday, 15 August 2011

A proper snack!

I love a good snack, whether its savory or sweet, healthy or not so healthy. When im by myself and want to have a quick treat I always try and make it look pretty and appetizing so i can fully sit back and relax. So grab a magazine, knock up a snack and enjoy!

Here are a few of the snacks I had last week: 

Halloumi and Prawns. 

So simple and so good. Simply cook the halloumi in a frying pan until lightly golden, put it in a bowl. Then fry the prawns in a little butter until cooked, add to the halloumi, add a few sprigs of chive and season. 

Pesto Peas with Gorgonzola

Boil the peas, mix with pesto (either homemade not not) and sprinkle with Gorgonzola. Easy Peeassey.

Mini Choux Pastries with Strawberries (and a cup of peppermint tea)

Choux pastry is so easy and quick. Heat about 70g butter and water in a pan, bring to the boil and add 70g plain flour. stir continuously until the mixture comes away from the pan and forms a ball. take of the heat. Whisk 2 eggs in a bowl and very gradually add to the mixture, combining the eggs well. Pipe little ball onto a lined baking tray. 20-25mins at 220 degrees. Once cooled, slit a hole on one side and pop in the sliced strawberries. Dust with Icing sugar. Serve with a Peppermint tea. 

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