Tuesday, 24 May 2011

French Food, Wonderful Wines and Fun times

I havent blogged for a few weeks as I have be in St. Tropez, basically getting slightly rounder and building up my wine tolerance. We decided to eat in for five nights and go out for the other five and on every occasion the food was sublime. 

Here are the highlights:

1. I became obsessed with the prawns out there, they are literally the size of my arm! 

2. Its all about the BBQ

3. The Most beautiful Hotel/Restaurant in St. Tropez - Les Moulins de Ramatuelle.

4. Lamb or Beef, the quality of the meat is just too good. I usually always eat fish when I'm by the sea but I couldn't resist the steaks at the Geant supermarche. The lamb shank at Bello Visto in Gassin was superb, beautiful quintessential French cooking.

5. The Puddings were mouth watering, everything looked so delicious I had to ask for a selection of three tarts! St. Tropez is renowned for La Tarte Tropezienne. It's the most delicious pud on the plant, classically made with Brioche and a cream/custard filling. Brigitte Bardot is famously loves a bit of Tart Tropezienne, with this knowledge in mind, i couldn't help feel classy whilst eating it! 

6.The Pasta in France would rival any top italian restaurant. I never think of pasta as a French dish but I suppose give a french man some flour and eggs and whatever he does will be delicious! This sauce was so amazing they served with with the starter and main!!

7. There are some really cool galleries. We found this one just off the main Square in St.Tropez. The Sculptures were very cool and made me smile just looking at them. Im trying to find the artists name so will update in due course! 

8. The Market is every Saturday and is foodie heaven.

8. Then of course there are the cars. This AC Cobra is the most beautiful car I've ever seen...and it had a disabled badge, bet the owner was a legend!

10. And finally...the glamour. I saw this photo when I was out there and loved it, true glamour Girl, Francoise Hardy.

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