Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ever wondered why wierd food combos work?

When I was at school I literally lived on Marmite and chocolate spread on toast - I found it fascinating that I could combine my two favorite things in one mouthful, so much so that in one sitting I managed to munch through 8 pieces of toast.

We all hear chefs on TV talking about balancing food, comments on master chef that the 'acidity from the lemons really complements the sweetness of the plump tomato'  - but even in everyday cooking we naturally crave and create this balance of flavours. Think Eggy bread with Golden Syrup or even ketchup with chips!

Well, last night I got home pretty late and didn't have time to cook anything special but I was craving big flavours and comforting food - so I searched in my fridge and found eggs and a mushroom, I always have Marmite and balsamic vinegar so I decided to put them all together and it was heavenly!

To make: Fry the Mushroom on both sides for 2 minutes. Then drizzle with balsamic and season, place under the grill for 5 mins. Meanwhile, poach the egg in simmering water for two minutes (i don't bother with all the swirling and the vinegar in the water, i just plonk it in). Pop the toast in the toaster, then spread with butter and Marmite. Place the mushroom on top and the egg on top of that. Season and garnish with some chives.

I have decided to now make it my mission to discover weird food combinations that just seem to be continued!

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